We are looking for a Technical Director who is passionate about working on the cutting edge of game technology, enabling the success of the team and realising our creative goals.

We expect that you and the team will push the technical limits and that you will take strong personal ownership of everything that contributes to the final quality of the game.

You will expand and continue to develop a high performing team, facilitate communication internally and advance the quality of development tools by working with the best external partners in the industry.

While you come from a technical background and probably love to code, you believe that you can achieve more by building and supporting the team.

Everybody in the company will want to discuss challenges with you and be confident that you will help them find the best path.

What will you be doing?

Help the game to ship in an excellent technical state

  • Translate and extrapolate key technical requirements for the game so they can be easily communicated, understood and built out
  • Interact with key partners (Epic, Apple, Sony, Microsoft etc.) to make sure the best tools and systems are available and ensure any technical challenges are resolved
  • Think long term about strategy, planning and architecture and have a strong technical overview of ongoing development
  • Proactively anticipate challenges ahead

Be an excellent leader and guide

  • Lead, mentor and grow a diverse development team in Copenhagen, Denmark and Vilnius, Lithuania - and provide space for them to thrive
  • Work with the team to break down complex tasks and ensure that the ‘why’ is understood and that the ‘how’ is set collaboratively
  • Foresee future tasks and match them with the right people internally

Collaborating internally across technical, creative and supporting teams

  • Facilitate and contribute to production meetings to understand everything that is going on
  • Coordinate between and align teams to assign resources by gathering information, highlighting rationale and helping them make informed decisions

What we would like to see

  • Deep technical understanding of game development and what it takes to produce and ship an ambitious title
  • Strong leadership skills working as a CTO, Technical Director or Lead managing teams of 10 or more with an ability to enable others to solve technical problems
  • Clear, open and collaborative communication style and an ability to interact effortlessly with diverse groups internally and stakeholders externally.
  • Ability to operate at different levels of technical understanding in a way that is inclusive of different opinions
  • Open minded about how to solve problems and excited by technical developments in the game industry
  • Understanding of Unreal Engine or in-house engines where source code is available
  • Open world, AAA or other related experience

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Who We Are
We are a team of more than 70 creative professionals. We experiment and collaborate with a focus on creating new experiences, and as such we are looking for people who can help us achieve them.

Our approach to development does not include crunching towards arbitrary deadlines - instead, we particularly look for talented people who enjoy managing their own schedule and thrive on working within a friendly, collaborative environment.

We carefully craft games with obsessive attention to detail and are always on the lookout for others who share that passion.